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Essa is the Co-founder and Managing Editor at digitalTVlife. He has experience in creating and managing websites. As well as enjoying the digital tv sector, he also likes writing about sports content. He is a student at London Metropolitan University. Essa enjoys watching his favorite soccer team Machester United play. Want to say Hello to Essa? email him,

Netflix Sues Dragon Media Inc. for Using Kodi Add-ons

OAKLAND, Calif. – Just recently, Netflix sues Dragon Media Inc. for using third-party Kodi add-ons in their streaming device. It is not anew event in terms of filing lawsuits that target companies in the United States because of Kodi-powered piracy...


Speed Requirements for Cord-cutting Your Internet

KILLEEN, TX – We always want faster speed requirements for our Internet for our own respective purposes. One method provided by ISPs is cord cutting. However, the use of this method often comes at ridiculously high prices.  Moreover, you need...

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