Watch The Loud House: Season 6, Episode 21

The Loud House: Season 6, Episode 21 is set to premiere on Nickelodeon today (June 24, 2022, at 7:30 PM EST). You can watch it with an online stream via fuboTV.

When the Loud family goes on vacation, they end up at a resort with an arcade. Lincoln decides that he wants to enter one of their prize fighter tournaments so that he can win some money and make new friends while FLoid has his eye set on winning first place!

Lincoln is angry with his family for not doing any chores and always preferring to watch TV. He decides that he needs some exercise so he can’t get fat like everyone else in this house, but they won’t allow it because of how much noise Lincoln makes while playing video games or watching sports on TV!

It seems as if there’s no escape from these workout sessions until one day when Lisa finds an old board game under her couch which she hadn’t noticed before due to its darkness; at first glance, it looks boring – “ Capture The Flag” – except for its cover featuring two guys wearing pads who appear ready (and willing) fight each other… is all about your digital tv needs. Our goal is to bring you the most relevant and interesting news in a short and straight-to-the-point format from the digital industry. Our writers are passionate and experts in their fields whether that’s connected devices, cord-cutting guides, news, and more. We are a growing company looking to bring a new perspective to the ever-changing landscape of digital streaming.