Latest Roku TVs Now Features Better Dolby Vision HDR

Latest Roku TVs Now Features Better Dolby Vision HDR

LAS VEGAS, N.V. – During the CES press conference today, TCL announced all the details about their line of latest Roku TVs and other soundbars that are Roku-powered.

The TCL 6-Series, in particular, includes a 4K and high dynamic range resolution. This specific feature can help support the improved Dolby Vision HDR. The latest TCL series is now made capable of producing HDR Performance Package Pro that can further improve the user experience.

The package includes an incredibly versatile and dependable HDR Pro Gamma control, the latest iPQ engine, and the Contrast Control Zone tech. The 55-inches model of the 6-Series TV features about a total of 96 zones. For the 65-inches model, you get a heaping 120 zones.

This series of the latest Roku TVs also include a 802.11ac wireless that is nothing short of high-speed. Moreover, it also has three HDMI 2.0a ports, as well as the HDCP 2.2 for optimal functionality. According to TCL, the 6-series will be made public during spring of this year.

Also, TCL announced the release of even better 5-Series TVs which will now feature 4K UHD quality along with Dolby Vision HDR. These latest innovations are made to provide users nothing less than stellar imaging experiences.

TCL’s 5-Series includes the HDR Performance Package which features their Dynamic Contrast functionality. This solution creates areal-life cinematic experience based on the information that was embedded in the Dolby Vision. Compared to other HDR solutions these days, the new 5-Series can accurately display particular details in both dark and bright areas simultaneously.

Similar to the TCL 6-Series, the 5-Series TV models will also introduce both HDR Pro Gamma for an improved HDR Performance, and the iPQ Engine for accurate color replication. The 5-Series Roku TVs will also be released at the same time as the 6-Series.

According to Chris Larson, the senior vice president of the TCL of North America, the company is trying to push boundaries when it comes to the user’s viewing experience. This mission definitely shows on the future of the latest Roku TVs.

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