TCL Releases a Fresh Line of Innovative Smart Speakers

TCL Releases a Fresh Line of Innovative Smart Speakers

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – At a CES press conference today, TCL has released a fresh line of innovative smart speakers known as the Alto smart speakers, which are powered by Roku Connect. Their goal as a company is to help enhance the audio experience of Roku TV owners as well as give them the premium experiences as we have before in the Alto family.

The Roku soundbar is compatible with all types of TVs, but it will provide more features when combined with Roku TVs, such as the hands-free feature, for more control functionality and entertainment performance. Roku TV owners who own an Alto soundbar will have the liberty of accessing the Roku voice assistant without using a remote.

Since Roku TVs have gained popularity with most consumers, TCL has become the third most known smart TV brand in the United States as of 2017. TCL has continued to develop their cooperation with Roku to provide quality audio enhancement for further enjoyment of those who own Roku TVs.

According to Chris Larson, senior vice president of TCL, the company is dedicated to combining leading technologies into their own entertainment portfolio, and with their partnership with Roku, they are bringing a better experience as regards home theater to their customers.

The partnership shows to be beneficial to both parties, as the CEO of Roku has mentioned that TCL is a great Roku TV partner and a good fit as their first collaborator to provide a smart soundbar under their new licensing program.

The TCL innovative smart speakers will change the way you watch television as they provide you with premium quality audio experience and give you more control over your entertainment features through the Roku Entertainment Assistant and Roku Connect. With this, we cannot wait for more developments from these companies, as well as their partnership.

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