Yahoo Rewards Their Supporters Through Sports Live Streaming

KILLEEN, TX – Today, Yahoo gleefully declared that they will have sports live streaming for the last NFL playoff game, not to mention the Pro Bowl free of charge.

NFL fans could have danced in glee after hearing the good news. They could not be happier after realizing that following this season, all national games and in-market games can be viewed without charge.

Beginning on January 13, 2018, people will be given access to free live streaming of NFL games. One only needs the Yahoo Sports app to be downloaded on iOS or Android devices.

As Yahoo live streams all of the AFC and NFC’s four games, the same company will also live stream the conference championships on the 21st of January, whereas the Pro Bowl will be made available for live streaming this 28th of the same month.

Upon confirming with the site, I found these schedules for the live streaming starting this weekend:

  • January 13, 4:35 P.M. — Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles on NBC
  • January 13, 8:15 P.M. — Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots on CBS
  • January 14, 1:05 P.M. — Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers on CBS
  • January 14, 4:40 P.M. — New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings on FOX
  • January 21 — NFC and AFC Conference Championships
  • January 28 – Pro Bowl

Yahoo once stated that this 2018, they plan to boost the user experience of Yahoo fans.But in their most recent interview, all has been verified. They admitted that the free live streaming is just the beginning of a more gleeful year to come for their supporters.

Following this current season, more live streaming options will be made available to all users worldwide such as playoff games, regular season, nation pre-season, and even Super Bowl.

The past year, the project was nothing but a mere blueprint.But just recently, I have confirmed with credible sources that Yahoo had struck the deal with some of the well-known market to live-stream their sports free of charge to the viewers.

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