Gogo Internet Undertook Improvements for Airline Web

Gogo Internet Undertook Improvements for Airline Web

KILLEEN, TX – Travelers had been dancing with glee ever since Gogo Internet has announced its plan to upgrade its network.

Internet connection is not usually a problem. I wish I could say the same about airline connections.

These days, Internet connections have become a necessity even in the case of travelers. You never know when you will need to check out your online maps to seek directions.

There are also instances when you’ll need to contact your pen pal when visiting a different country. In any of these cases, it is essential to own a reliable connection.

Among the US airlines which use Gogo are United, Delta, and American. The said provider is among the best in America. However, the company has realized the fact that by developing their services and user experience, not only will they boost their sales, but they will also contribute to the solution to one of the most common problems of travelers.

I had the chance to confirm that the Internet company intends to not only improve their connection services but also offer access to Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

The first step which they took was the upgrading of all the network links of their partnered airlines. The Internet provider had already taken the initial procedure and experimented on a couple of airline companies.

Their test was a success. Now, travelers will find a select airplane establishment with thrice the speed of the connection they are used to.

Along with the enhanced speed, Gogo has also decided to take back their regulation from Netflix. In the past, one has to download videos, but now people can stream them on the go.

The best thing about the development is the gate-to-gate feature. Now, the Internet will no longer disappear when the plane lands or takes off.

A whole bunch of upgrades will be released by 2020. This is just the beginning for Gogo Internet users.

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