PlayStation Vue Adds More Affiliates for Local Channels

PlayStation Vue Adds More Affiliates for Local Channels

KILLEEN, TX – Recently, PlayStation Vue has begun adding ABC affiliates from the company Sinclair and Hearst Television. As of today, there are no updates on how many have been added. This is to add more local channels for our viewing pleasure.

The new addition would allow us to watch channels that are not normally available in our state. This also means that we can monitor news broadcasts from other states. Aside from that, there is no longer a need for us to go for multiple-streaming networks to watch our favorite shows.

This recent addition by the Internet television company also means that they, along with YouTube TV and DirectTV Now, will be in a tight competition with Hulu. Hulu currently holds the highest number of local channels.

Currently, the Internet television service offers locals, within 75% of the United States, with at least one local channel per state. Additionally, in a handful of markets, we can find multiple local channels. The increase in the number of local channels will give the subscribers more options for streaming.

The last recorded number of local channels added by the Internet television provider was 200. This makes it a worthy opponent against Hulu, which currently holds 300 local channels.  It is good to see that the company is making it possible to provide multiple local channels. By doing this, we can cut costs spent on other streaming sites.

The increase in local channels will make it easier to tune into local channels without having to spend too much. We hope that in the future, more local channels will be offered, so we do not have to pay for multiple networks to stream live TV.

We hope that PlayStation Vue will continue to grow into a large network that tends to all the local channels as they have improved our viewing experience.

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