Adverse Effects of Advertisements in Consumers Privacy

Adverse Effects of Advertisements in Consumers Privacy

KILLEEN, TX – One common problem when watching television is the increase of advertisements in between networks. Ads are often placed at the bottom of the screen and are generated based on our viewing history. Before, we didn’t have any option to skip ads. But now, companies like Tru Optik have released OptOut.TV so you can skip the advertisements when you watch TV.

With this product, you can easily remove ads for your viewing pleasures. Your viewing history won’t be tracked and ads won’t be aimed at you.  A simple click of a button can help you opt out of viewing ads, and it can be applied to household viewers as well.

The creation of OTT and CTV will mold our future. But without the proper privacy controls, it can also be at risk. Some companies forget that the privacy of customers is more important at times. Some consumers may be uncomfortable with the idea that their viewing history is available for media companies and advertisers to access.

The benefit of the OptOut.TV program is that it provides us with more privacy towards our viewing history. It will also help companies like CTV to develop a less audience-based target and bring it closer to digital media. With OptOut.TV, we are ensured that out privacy is not at risk for the benefits of companies to take advantage of.

Media companies and advertisers forget the importance of privacy for us customers. In my case, my viewing history is private, and I would prefer to keep it that way. I understand the need to sell, but if my information were needed, I would rather use products like OptOut.TV to make sure that my privacy is kept safe. Advertisements are necessary, but when it requires knowing someone’s privacy, it may cause a breech in security.

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