Amazon Experiences Great Success With NFL Season Streaming

Amazon Experiences Great Success With NFL Season Streaming

Killeen, TX – Recently, Amazon pitched a new deal using the NFL season games. When NFL was in season, Amazon Prime live streamed 11 games from the season, including the Christmas day special. These episodes were streamed through the Prime Video app.

Although I may not be a personal football fan, I can say I do enjoy some of the products of this game, like their memes. Amazon claims that when it streamed the game, 224 countries watched. The production level was 17% higher than it was on Twitter. The average time each episode was viewed was 63 minutes, and Amazon streamed a total of 12.5 million hours of games in the year 2017.

On December 7, 2017, a game was featured between Atlanta and the New Orleans Saints which reeled in two million viewers worldwide. The state with the highest amount of streaming on Amazon was California, followed by Texas, Florida, New York, and Washington. Outside of the United States, Mexico streamed NFL season the most, followed by Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil.

Some additional notes made by Amazon are that NFL viewers are more likely to purchase cooking materials from Amazon than non-NFL viewers. It was also observed that NFL viewers from Wyoming, Mississippi, and Alabama purchased general sports merchandise when they streamed on Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, Prime members from New Mexico, South Dakota, and Rhode Island purchased NFL merchandise from Amazon. The increase in people watching NFL on Amazon Prime has caused an influx of purchases in Amazon.

It was also observed that during the stream session of the games, there was an increase in the purchasing of NFL merchandise such as footwear, headgear, hard goods, baby products, jerseys, accessories, outwear, pants, sweaters, and shirts. We’re excited for the progress of Amazon and cannot wait to see what they do next for the NFL season.

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