Smithsonian Channel, New Addition to YouTube TV Lineup

Smithsonian Channel, New Addition to YouTube TV Lineup

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Earlier today, it was announced that there would be an addition to the YouTube TV lineup – the Smithsonian Channel – that a lot of YouTube TV subscribers can enjoy.

According to Tom Hayden, the president of the Smithsonian Channel, the century features an ever-changing landscape. He said that the channel is looking for various ways that they can expand and widen their audience all the time. His statement was released after the recent news of the Smithsonian Channel added to YouTube TV.

Smithsonian Channel also made some huge decisions and news in terms of widening their audience at this early time of the year. Recently, the channel was also added to the lineup of the live TV service of Hulu.

Hayden said that the company is nothing but thrilled in this new venture they have with YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. He also stated that a lot of subscribers now have access to Smithsonian Channel, an award-winning program.

Hayden also said in the release that they are looking forward to having even stronger partnerships with YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. He even called the two live TV providers as two of the most prominent and acclaimed leaders when it comes to digital streaming.

Smithsonian Channel has always been described as the channel where people’s curiosity lives and where the inspiration strikes and the place where wonders never cease. The channel is one of the excellent places to have access to awe-inspiring stories, amazing entertainment, and powerful documentaries.

Smithsonian Channel is considered as an unmatched joint venture. It combines Showtime Networks which features in storytelling prowess and the Smithsonian Institution that brings in rich traditions and unrivaled resources. It has always created a lot of award-winning programming that top in various genres like science, history, earth and space, pop culture, and nature.

These features of Smithsonian Channel are more accessible to reach, especially as it is now included in Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV lineup. is all about your digital tv needs. Our goal is to bring you the most relevant and interesting news in a short and straight-to-the-point format from the digital industry. Our writers are passionate and experts in their fields whether that’s connected devices, cord-cutting guides, news, and more. We are a growing company looking to bring a new perspective to the ever-changing landscape of digital streaming.