Netflix Sues Dragon Media Inc. for Using Kodi Add-ons

Netflix Sues Dragon Media Inc for Using Kodi Add-ons

OAKLAND, Calif. – Just recently, Netflix sues Dragon Media Inc. for using third-party Kodi add-ons in their streaming device.

It is not anew event in terms of filing lawsuits that target companies in the United States because of Kodi-powered piracy services. It has become a weekly event where Amazon, Disney, and other major studios have also filed lawsuits against Dragon Media Inc. for facilitating the piracy.

Dragon Media Inc. is the company and seller of the Dragon Box device that is behind this controversy. It is a streaming player that is powered by Android which uses third-party Kodi add-ons, allowing subscribers to stream content for free after they purchase the box.

The 350-dollar box which has about quarter a million subscribers in the US proclaims to the users to have no monthly bills and no entertainment costs. The Dragon Box website even goes on to say that their device is one box for a thousand of channels, saying that users can watch their favorite sites any time for free.

The company’s website also boasts that with the streaming player, users can watch movies inside their home even those that are still showing in theaters. Because of this alone, it is not a surprise that major studios are starting to seek some legal action.

From the lawsuit, there are no less than 250,000 subscribers of the Dragon Box in 50 states of the US and in four countries which also keeps on growing. It states that the commercial value of the streaming player is primarily based on the high-volume use of illegal and unauthorized contents.

The Dragon Box has about 374 sellers around the world,and this is just the recent lawsuit against Kodiboxes and those who sell them. This fiasco started last year when Hollywood studios filed a lawsuit against the TickBox maker because of the same issue.

The recent case where Netflix sues Dragon Media Inc. is expected to have a court ruling and be settled some time in 2018.

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