5G Home Internet Demo Made Public During CES 2018

5G Home Internet Demo Made Public During CES 2018

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Among the few cutting-edge trends that marked the CES 2018, one of the biggest trade shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the 5G Home Internet Demo.

The 5G Home Internet promises to provide fiber internet speeds for every home but without the cost of putting in fiber for every household. It is the considered as the future of every cord cutter over the years. The 5G Home Internet hopes to provide 5G Internet to your home wirelessly.

One of the visions of this technology is to minimize the time that is usually taken to wire fiber Internet throughout a city which often takes years. This 5G Internet connection can shorten the process period up to months. During the CES 2018, the demo for 5G Home Internet was shown to the public.

Several tech giants are testing out the capacity of the 5G Home Internet. The demo during the CES 2018 was done by Intel. However, Verizon has also done some work testing of the 5G Home Internet in some of their markets in the US.

Verizon and AT&T both announced that the 5G Internet would be featured in several markets at the end of 2018. There are also other smaller companies that have started building 5G connections and networks. It is in line with their goal to cover cities like Washington DC with 5G shortly.

Those who are working in wiring 5G Home Internet have said that half of the US population will soon, by the end of 2020, be covered in 5G.

5G technology is set to roll out in major markets and in highly populated areas as providers try to recover their investments quickly. It will also venture out in rural areas and in markets that are currently underserviced by current Internet providers starting next year. It is the future of the Internet technology, and the 5G Home Internet Demo during the CES 2018 just shows how big it can get quickly.

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