HD HomeRun Had Just Released Their World-changing New Network DVR

HD HomeRun Had Just Released Their World-changing New Network DVR

KILLEEN, TX – Just this past week, HD HomeRun had boasted their release of the CONNECT DUO+ network DVR which they build most especially for over-the-air (OTA) TVs.

HomeRun has always had an easy-to-use interface, but with the new development with the CONNECT DUO+ network DVR, the technology has become more accessible. The gadget has a DVR engine that equips an internal 250 GB memory. With this, people can now record video clips directly using the TV box. What’s more is that the machine lets you record approximately 60 hours of HD OTA TV.

HomeRun also noted that they did not devise their new product for external storage. With that, if one needs more memory, then he has to connect the DVR to an online storage facility. That may be a turnoff for some people, but they will cheer up upon hearing that the CONNECT DUO+ network DVR grants them the ability to stream videos on two gadgets at once. The said feature is excellent for folks who like watching episodes while recording the film at the same time.

It looks like the company has thought through the needs of their customers. Upon scavenging websites of essential sources, I found out that manufacturers decided the initiation of the CONNECT DUO+ network DVR upon gathering enough feedback from customers regarding their desire to record the episodes or films that they are watching.

The best part about the new release is most likely the fact that the gadget is not only for TVs. It works for other devices as well such as Android phones, tablets, and iPads.

It’s not every day that customers won’t need a different device to record the show they are watching. Excited as the HD HomeRun is regarding their new effort, they are excited as well to buy the latest version of the DVR.

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