Irish Court Ceased Video Websites Following Anti-Piracy Dispute

Irish Court Ceased Video Websites Following Anti-Piracy Dispute

VANCOUVER, BC – The highest court of Ireland ordered the ceasing of video websites in accordance with the anti-piracy lawsuit filed by the Motion Pictures Association referring to unlicensed access to video contents. The association alleges that there was a dispute of piracy operation by these video websites.

The Irish Court demanded Ireland’s eight largest Internet service providers to put a halt and block off video websites that enable unlicensed showcasing of video content to Irish viewers.

After the lawsuit filed by the Motion Pictures Association, the international arm of the Motion Pictures Association of America, the High Court grants ceasing of such video websites containing unwarranted content to at least 1.5 million people in the country. The said dispute also pointed illicit peer-to-peer video and file transfers as well as video streaming.

The Internet service providers of the country were also asked to make sure that their subscribers do not have access to such content video websites to put a permanent hold on content piracy.

The Motion Pictures Association Chief, Stan McCoy, expressed that putting a perpetual stop to the declared websites secures jobs to 18,000 people in the film industry of Ireland.

The year 2018 seems to be the year when piracy would be positioned to a definite block. The first two weeks of the year have seen different lawsuits filed concerning piracy and the instruments and different platforms used to promote it.

In addition, Dish Network, a US network company, also filed related lawsuits against content distributors in both Texas and Maryland. To heighten up, another group in the industry went after an Android set-top box distributors based in California and additional dispute intended to another one in Singapore.

This is a good sign that the film industry is already standing up for respect.It seems that 2018 is the year to strengthen anti-piracy and put an end to and come after companies, websites, and distributors that operates in piracy.

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