TiVo Announced Having a New Smart Home Integration

TiVo Announced Having a New Smart Home Integration

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Just last week, TiVo excitedly announced that they are going to feature an addition to their services, the Smart Home Integration.

With this latest move, TiVo can provide much better services as it  is about to release a wider range of devices that are better than before. Smart Home Integration is one of them. It enables users to receive and read a text message whenever someone is trying to unlock the parental controls. It can even be paused whenever someone outside is ringing your smart doorbell.

The television’s features and new functionalities include TiVo’s automated power. They are just a few of what’s to come for TiVo. The latest smart integration can allow TiVo owners to create their very-own or choose from pre-configured applets in a catalog. It will also allow them to program their viewing based on how they want.

It’s too early to critic,but TiVo is already on its way to make the user experience a whole lot better. According to David Shoop, a spokesperson for TiVo, smart home revolution is the newest trend and TiVo is making innovations that can help bring out a radical approach to every home’s technology. He said that their latest techs could also help improve how people interact with these new technology revolutions.

In his statement, Shoop also said that the team had witnessed the boost of devices that connect consumers for a lot of years. According to him, it includes security systems for houses, light switches, thermostats, and even the doorbells. Modern technology is trying to improve users’ interaction through television home assistants especially those that are voice-powered and other personal devices.

Shoop also stated that with the use of custom programmed applets, the connectivity between smart devices and the TV could be done in real time. This trend, according to him, makes greater possibilities in making viewer experience more personalized, and that is what the Smart Home Integration is all about.

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