Viacom and CBS Are Rumored to Merge due to Cord Cutting

Viacom and CBS Are Rumored to Merge due to Cord Cutting

Killeen, TX – With the increase of cord cutting in this time, some hard decisions have to be made on the changes brought to the world of TV diversion. Viacom and CBS Corp have shared with us that they plan on merging once again. In 2010, the two companies merged, but in 2016, the organizations separated   at the demand of the board.

Redstone family controls Viacom and CBS CORP.If the news they’ve provided with us are true, they can be merged into a single company again. Combining the two companies will give them a more powerful bargaining system when it comes to contract negotiations. This combination may also give us a chance to watch Viacom content through CBS’s streaming networks like CBS All Access, or other streaming services offered by CBS.

Since the report of the possible merger, CBS and Viacom saw an increase in their stock trades since Friday. The move to combine Viacom and CBS is not just because of cord cutting. We all know there is the increasing number of content providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon that produce original content that is enjoyed by cord cutters, and cable subscribers. To help prevent the reduction of viewing content, companies are hoping to grow their imprint by merging companies like Viacom and CBS. Though the news is not official, there are rumors going around that the deal is almost sealed.

I hope that if the news is true, that this move will give the companies the recognition they deserve. Both companies have provided me with good shows, and I hope to see better developments from these networks respectively. It seems that with the development of TV entertainment, there are more things to wait for. Cord cutting has thoroughly pushed TV networks to provide better content for us television viewers.

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