Incomplete TV Series Seasons Are Still the Issue With Netflix, Hulu

Incomplete TV Series Seasons Are Still the Issue With Netflix, Hulu

VANCOUVER, BC –Incomplete uploaded TV series on Netflix, Hulu, and other online video streaming platforms are still the issue found by many users. Since 2016, there was already far cry about incomplete seasons that users confess to being upsetting.

Users who are big on watching their favorite series on online video streaming platforms can find it inconvenient to be on the edge of the season. This is more disconcerting when they know that there is still another season left or a new season fulfilled that should be uploaded to the site.

This makes them resort to another available option just to see the full new season of their desired TV show. Sadly, they are more likely to stream or download the TV series’ seasons illegally. Hence, combatting piracy seems to be harder as usual.

This scenario with Netflix, Hulu, and others has something to do with their licensing agreement with the network that produces the series. There may be some agreements signed showcasing limitations on what just to include on the online streaming channel.

For them to include another concluded season, there has to be another agreement binding the approval of the network. Though there has been a lot of resolution – other online streaming services uploading per episode – it still frustrates the user to not watch the full season in one or two sittings.

With this, it elevates the issue of piracy through illegal streaming or downloading just to catch up with the season’s episode. This could be another concern networks and producers are facing. How to stop it requires more time and effort.

The said problem does not seem to be going away sooner, yet Netflix and other online video streaming platforms are still looking at better solutions to fast-track licensing and other agreements needed for them to carry the full length of their existing TV series.

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