Verizon Expands Deal to Give Access to Basketball Content

Verizon Expands Deal to Give Access to Basketball Content

KILLEEN, TX – The NBA and Verizon had just publicized its decision to expand its recent deal to give access to basketball content in all Verizon properties free of charge.

Verizon is a thriving TV channeling service company that has earned its excellent name over time. Their hard work has finally paid off when they hit a deal with NBA.

The deal will enable Verizon to give out free live streaming of NBA shows to users. This partnership is an excellent help for Verizon to boost its user experience. At the same time, Verizon will also have a shot at obtaining for more users.

But this past couple of days, I was able to confirm with the TV channeling service that they have expanded their contract. Now, the deal is not just about to give access to basketball content to users. People will also gain access to a portal where they can purchase NBA League Pass in the United States.

Users will also get the chance to watch a new daily show which will highlight the main action of the NBA, not to mention a commentary and storyline, which you can only watch at Verizon and Yahoo!

Verizon is not the single company in the market showcasing different sports channels. However, NBA chose it over all others because of one thing – its new network technology. Users will also experience augmented reality for NBA. This development is part of Verizon’s goal to be a first-ever, tech-centered channeling company.

Many other companies have done a decent job in providing the NBA action that most fans want. But for Verizon, live gameplay is not enough for the loyal fans. That was where the company’s desire to roll in a development project arose.

Verizon is still waiting for the result, but with the amount of support they are getting from the NBA, they could not be more confident about their plans to give access to basketball content.

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