US Homes Soon Equipped With 5G Home Internet, Thanks to Verizon

US Homes Soon Equipped With 5G Home Internet, Thanks to Verizon

KILLEEN, TX – Just as Verizon summoned a meeting for their fourth earnings call, they also disclosed details regarding their plans to instigate 5G home Internet.

Almost everyone I know dreams of installing fiber Internet in their homes. However, these things can be a bit expensive. Verizon must have realized that because their new project involves installation of fiber Internet minus the typical costs that burden most homeowners.

Some cities also have a problem setting up fiber Internet. With that, despite the demand for a stable Internet connection, the process will still range from months to even years.

One of the primary goals of Verizon is to make way for faster installation of fiber Internet. They are glad to announce that their 5G Internet project will roll out within this year.

People have been waiting the day that Verizon will share more details about their project, and now, the time has come at the fourth earnings call. Verizon confirmed that they have approximately 200 websites carrying a 10 Gbps throughput. That said, giving 5G subscribers 1 Gbps becomes feasible.

Apart from that, Verizon will also move to global heights this year, which means that their 5G Internet can now run on any device from all around the world.

The company plans first to set their plan at Sacramento, California. With that, Verizon announced that the 5G Internet connection would become active in the second quarter of 2018. Other markets are also bound to receive 5G networks this year, but Verizon was not clear on which markets.

But despite the lack of information, I am glad to have heard that by the end of this year, about 30 million homes in the United States will already gain access to the 5G Internet.

The staffs of Verizon are ecstatic for the new landmark that they have contributed to the community. For several years, people have been awaiting the day that fiber Internet will become possible. With this new project, the 5G home Internet dream is about to become a reality.

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