FuboTV, the Top Sports App for Apple TV Right Now


NEW YORK, NY – FuboTV, a sports streaming service, is now named as the top sports app for Apple TV right now.

The top-grossing application made its success by mixing mainstream television channels and some hard-to-find action and sports broadcasts. From the media release of FuboTV yesterday, they had outlined their progress since last October when they first launched the Apple TV application.

Among the list of the success of the top sports streaming service include its ranking as number one in the top paid sports application and number seven on all apps. Between October last year and January this year, the usage of FuboTV has doubled, and that is among the success of the service. Their average streaming hours between November 2017 and December 2017 has also increased to 53%.

This latest announcement was made the same time FuboTV pushed some new updates to the Apple TV owners. New features include improved video controls and enhanced EPG along with a seven-day window. There is also an additional network page that can display both on-demand and live content from different networks.

With the improvements on the programming guide of the cloud DVR of FuboTV, it is now made much easier to use than before. It allows users to record actions and save the recording whether you have a standard 30-hour option or an upgraded 500-hour service.

Sports is the center entertainment for FuboTV. It includes a fantastic channel lineup that sets it apart from other mainstream TV services. It allows you to enjoy about 31 different sports channels with other plus options where you can get additional 15 channels that are soccer-focused from Latin America. If Chelsea F.C. games are to your tastes, FuboTV also has subscriptions for that.

Among the FuboTV lineup are Lifetime, Food Network, and NBC. It provides a varied taste for every TV user. While it might be hailed as the top sports app, FuboTV contains a mix of channels for the whole family.

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