Hulu Announces its Q&A Event at Reddit This Tuesday

Hulu Announces its Q&A Event at Reddit This Tuesday

KILLEEN, TX – Hulu had just announced that this 30th of January, they will hold a Q&A event on the Reddit website.

People were delighted and curious at the same time upon hearing the event. They were cryptic at first as to why Hulu would hold a Q&A session at the said website.

But according to Hulu’s emails to their customers, the reason they are doing it is that they feel so thankful that this past year their clients had been so kind to send them a bunch of feedback about their channeling service.

Hulu admitted that the feedbacks they received were not all positive. Some comments made them rethink their processes, and that was precisely why they are thankful to their customers.

If it were not for their clients’ honesty, they would not have been able to revamp their services. 2018 has started pretty well for Hulu, mostly because this is the year when they will implement their live television (TV) program.

They have gotten from a previous survey that most customers are not comfortable sending emails to their channel providers. With that, Hulu decided that a Q&A event on Reddit is an excellent way for their clients to reach out to them.

Hulu had seen how powerful feedbacks could be for corporations. Apart from their live TV project, one of their most significant concerns for 2018 is how to boost the exchange between the company and their clients.

Seeing as most people are actively participating in Q&A group on Reddit, they figured that the said platform would be an excellent tool for their clients to voice out their questions and concern.

That said, they have organized a session to take place this coming Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Apart from hearing the inquiries of their clients, they also look forward to being responsive to them, and thus they decided that a Q&A event is a beautiful way to answer their customers’ questions on the spot.

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