AT&T Provides Announcements for Upcoming DIRECTV NOW App and DVR

ATT Provides Announcements for Upcoming DIRECTV NOW App and DVR

KILLEEN, TX–As of January 31, AT&T conducted their fourth-quarter wages for 2017, and it was filled with DIRECTV NOW news. The leading information we acquired was an improved timetable from AT&T regarding the newly upgraded app and launch of DVR.

The company reported that their release of the DIRECTV NOW application would be held back until spring of 2018.

However, despite the delay, there was good news brought about by the company that it has plans of adding a third successive stream to DIRECTV NOW in spring to accompany the launching of the new app and DVR.

This announcement suggests that those who are subscribed to DIRECTV NOW can stream it on three different devices, compared to the current setup, which only allows two streaming devices at once.

The company also mentioned that there are more developments to come, but did not directly specify them in the announcement. In the past, the company revealed that their list of improvements included the following: a DVR that can record your shows in the cloud, a download-and-go feature, HD quality video and 4k, a higher capacity to offer 35,000 titles, respective profiles, and more contemporaneous streams.

Although no specific date announcement for the launching of the new app and DVR features, the news suggests that it is expected to be released sometime around March 20, 2018. The best newscast is that the company has been sending out invites for beta testers to their prevailing subscribers for the most part.

We hope that the company sends us an invite, and we are currently crossing our fingers, waiting for it to come. We know that AT&T has a lot up its sleeve, and we cannot wait to see what other customer-friendly enhancements they have added to the new DVR and app. We wish them all the best in everything.

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