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NFL Considering Fox Streaming Service for Their Football Show

NFL Considering Fox Streaming Service for Their Football Show

KILLEEN, TX – Just this past week, the National Football League (NFL) announced that their Thursday night football show will now be available on Fox.

Sports fans have been fond of watching their favorite night show on either CBS or on NBC, but based from the statement of  Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick and Lucas Shaw; the NFL game night will have a new home – Fox.

NFL had always had a tough time choosing which streaming service to use for their shows. At first, they do not even use a service at all. They just went to Twitter’s live video function, but eventually, Amazon earned the right to be the official streaming service of the NFL games.

When NFL’s contract with Amazon ended, next in line was NBC, and then went CBS. Right now, it looks like that Fox is about to take the spotlight.

But since the contract for Fox is not final yet, then there is no telling which streaming service NFL will choose.

For now, the decision can still change. NFL remains to be open to more possibilities. As expected, many streaming services are ecstatic to see who it is that will get the part.

Even though NFL has their select picks, there are plenty of streaming services who would love to be given a shot to be the subject of NFL’s contract.

NFL has not revealed the contract’s details yet, but I was able to confirm that the sports corporation is willing to pay at least $45 million per game.

Since Fox is commonly known for its ties with Disney, the admins are now thinking of shifting their focus to sports and news. With that, the chances are high that Fox will take on the role that NFL is offering to them.

NFL is not just any football show. The contract signing is a massive opportunity for Fox. However, we must wait like everybody else if we want to know their decision.

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