NVIDIA Releases 6.3 Software Upgrade to NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA Releases 6.3 Software Upgrade to NVIDIA Shield TV

KILLEEN, TX – Good news for all NVIDIA Shield TV owners! Its creator, NVIDIA, recently announced that they have already started rolling out the latest major update to the 4K HDR streaming media player. Both the 2015 and 2017 models will be getting the Software Upgrade 6.3, which is a follow-up to the 6.2 update released last November 2017.

Through the new update, the NVIDIA Shield Android TV will get several improvements and enhancements that will significantly make the user experience better. It will also come with various new features and support.

One of the features to expect is the addition of support for viewing live streams of any Nest Cams that you have. You can activate it by basically holding down the microphone button on your remote to use the Google Assistant feature.

By giving out commands like “Show me the living room” or “Show me the back door camera,” it will automatically appear live on your Shield TV. This feature is also available with the Logitech Circle. You will also now be able to control more than 1,000 smart home devices with Google Assistant.

Moreover, the update brings in new application support, adding in Tidal, SiriusXM, The Magic of LEGO, VH1, and Cartoon Network. This upgrade inclusions mean a better selection of shows, music, and more access to free episodes. And if you are a VLC user, the NVIDIA Shield TV will now let you watch picture-in-picture and 360-degree videos with spherical camera control. It keeps getting better with the addition of commercial-free recording via the Plex DVR.

The newest upgrade 6.3 also includes android monthly security updates and protection against the likes of Spectre. Another inclusion in the upgrade is firmware enhancements and bug fixes for the Shield remote as detailed by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Shield TV 6.3 update is currently ongoing. So if you have not received it yet, expect it to be available for download over the next couple days.

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