DIRECTV NOW Releases New Updates on Beta Application

DIRECTV NOW Releases New Updates on Beta Application

KILLEEN, TX – On the first week of February, DIRECTV NOW released new updates for their beta testers, which encompass current updates to the applications that are accessible by most supported streaming devices. An email to beta testers was released as of February 3, 2018, about updates for the beta app on tvOS, iOS, Fire TV, Chrome, and Android which includes several new upgrades for the testers to test.

For tvOS, they added an upgraded video streamer that makes information more accessible. Fire TV now has enhanced video start times, and improve function for their restart content. iOS has provided support for Chromecast. Android developed start time for videos, Chromecast support, and end-device functionality. Chrome added Chromecast support for their device and functionality for their cDVR end-device.

The company then disclosed that it appreciates the testers’ effort to test the fresh updates and hope for new feedback regarding the beta test. They want to improve the viewing experience for their subscribers, and we can enjoy that they are hiring for beta testers as we speak. The network has made a mindful effort to improve their beta app.

We are still waiting for the company to extend their beta tester update to our enterprise. It would be an overwhelming thought to be able to test out the new app, and we hope to see more developments to the beta app. That way, we know what needs improvement, and we can cater to our entertainment needs for the future.

Most TV networks want to make their audience’s viewing experience an enjoyable one, which is why we can appreciate when these companies give us feedback options. It is not easy to provide enjoyable television programs, but we are glad that DIRECTV NOW has given us control on what to develop for the app and for the television programs that are released.

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