Amazon Video App For Android Not Downloadable Yet

Amazon Video App For Android Not Downloadable Yet

KILLEEN, TX – Amazon just uploaded its Amazon Video app for Android TV in Google Play Store two months ago. However, it is not available for downloading yet.

Before the Amazon Video for Android TV’s release, the Amazon Company has said that their app would give users two options on viewing TV shows. They can either purchase or rent movie titles or subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch thousands of films and TV shows, no additional cost. The latter option will let users pay a monthly fee, which will enable access to a whole bunch of movie choices, which can range from award-winning TV shows to ordinary picks.

People’s level of excitement bolstered when they learned of the app’s availability on Google Play Store.  But it was a downer that they cannot download the app even after two months of its release.

Google had recently supported the use of the YouTube app on the Fire TV, but in the past months, Google withdrew from the agreement. Word has it that Amazon is still coming to terms with Google regarding their partnership.

While they make ends meet with Fire TV and the YouTube app, there are rumors that Amazon is still trying to negotiate their terms with Google.

While Google is still pondering their final decision with Amazon, it is evident that many other companies have struck deals with Amazon to have their own Amazon app. With that, once the said app becomes ready for downloading, you can also expect to meet Amazon Video as you work your other devices.

Even though there is a high chance that the Amazon Video will come big, some people still prefer to wait for its official release before they purchase an Android TV device.  This leaves people exhilarated about the Amazon Video app for Android TV deal.

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