Bell Media Recently Launches the SnackableTV App

Bell Media Recently Launches the SnackableTV App

VANCOUVER, BC — Fun and entertainment are now in the palm of your hands. Canada’s leading content creation company, Bell Media, officially launched SnackableTV application for iOS and Android users. It is a free app that brings premium short-form comedy, lifestyle, and entertainment series. This means that you get mobile access to short clips from television shows and news programs that are licensed by the Canadian national media conglomerate.

SnackableTV’s official website also detailed that the mobile-first video app is the exclusive Canadian home for top comedian Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud comedy streaming service. For those who are not in the loop yet, Laugh Out Loud is a comedy brand and multi-platform network created together by Hart and Lionsgate. Hart said that the channel is excited for about this expansion and partnership, and for Canada to begin watching their programs.

As to what to expect in the app, Bell Media announced that they would be releasing soon their first original series “Letterkenney,” which is CraveTV’s cult Canadian comedy show. It is going to be a short-form version though and will start production sometime this year. Full episodes will still be available on CraveTV streaming service.

Reports also revealed that SnackableTV would exclusively feature American comedy series such as Comedy Central’s “Nothing to Report” and HBO’s “High Maintenance.” Other revealed titles include “Honeymoon Tour,” “Vandaveon and Mike,” and “Space Riders: Division Earth.” You can also watch shorts from Canada’s famous satirical news series “The Beaverton,” and some hilarious clips from “Just For Laughs.”

Bell Media aims to provide Canadians access to contents that are similar to the ones found on YouTube. In fact, the app works like the licensed version of YouTube, except users cannot upload content.

SnackableTV is now available to download via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is noted though that the app is an ad-supported service. This means that you will see some commercials as you stream videos.

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