Super Bowl Produces New Challenges To Live TV

Super Bowl Produces New Challenges To Live TV

KILLEEN, TX –  As of February 4, 2018, the Super Bowl became the main sport to tune into once again in the United States. Super Bowl also became a standard for the security of live TV streaming devices.

In 2018, we have had a single loser and at least several winners in the category of live TV developments. We have to remember that live TV is still developing, and there’s more to do to improve it further.

This year has shown so many developments compared to last year, and we are proud that live TV continues to grow and expand, but there is more improving to be done. However, this year we have seen it stream content better than the years before, and if it continues at this pace, then we know that live TV will be just as demanded as classic pay-per-view TV.

We can say that Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV, and fuboTV brought their A-game when it came to the sporting event because there were no reports of outages, and we were able to stream the game from their devices with no interruptions. Hulu came down to a close second because while they experienced a cut-off, they immediately took to Twitter to inform their subscribers on how to reboot their devices to get the streaming back on, and a competitor to Hulu in this rank is PlayStation Vue.

Although the latter streaming devices experienced outages, they were quick to advice how to handle the situation. Live TV has come a long way since it started, and we know that it should continue to develop in the future.

We hope to be able to catch more major sporting events like the Super Bowl with little to no power interruptions on any of these live TV streaming devices when the time comes.

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