“The Duttons Through the Years” to Premiere on RFD-TV Every Week

“The Duttons Through the Years” to Premiere on RFD-TV Every Week

LONDON, England – RFD-TV will be airing “The Duttons Through the Years” every Friday 7:30 PM ET / 6:30 PM CT / 5:30 PM MT / 4:30 PM PT.

“The Duttons Through the Years” highlights the performance of the Dutton family and is shown at the Branson and Arizona theatres. People will also witness the 30-years’ worth of performances of the family band across the globe.

The series will also feature some interviews about the ups and downs of the band, how they handled the tough and good times. Also, there will also be footage of the young band members wearing different costumes and hairstyles.

The first airing of “The Duttons Through the Years” was initiated last Friday, RFD-TV had said that the performance would be made available every Friday.

Sheila Dutton, the matriarch of the Dutton family, said that she found inspiration to produce the TV series while she was watching and reminiscing about The Dutton’s past videos, TV shows, and specials.

“You know, we have five hour-long national television specials, and it’s all really good stuff that was just sitting here. So I got the idea to do a series where we look back at different parts of all these assets we have,” Sheila said to the press in an interview.

Sheila said that some of the footages that will be revealed in “The Duttons Through the Years” were what she would call awkward. However, what she liked about the series is that she, along with her family and fans, can look back and find something to giggle about. The footages showed the true selves of the band members.

Meanwhile, Dean Dutton, who was an Economics professor, said that he never intended to have a family of musicians. All tried to do was instill discipline to his children through music, adding that it was a matter of fate that he was able to organize a family band.

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