Google Assistant To Be Offered To Other Android TV Devices

Google Assistant To Be Offered To Other Android TV Devices

LONDON, United Kingdom – Google plans to roll out the Google Assistant feature to Android TV devices within this year.

Android TV Partnership Head Edward Corn said that the primary purpose of the Google Assistant is to make way for the quick discovery of various content using someone’s digital device.

Through technological advancement, video content can already be viewed using multiple gadgets, but the difference with the Google Assistant is that navigation controls are much easier to access. The user can also control Internet of Things devices, playback, and visual cards features using voice command. Apart from that, the user will be able to contact third-party services directly.

The most awaited about Google Assistant is its ability to integrate Android TV to various video streaming sites such as Netflix, DIRECTV, YouTube TV, and many more.

The user will be able to view information about the TV episodes such as the actors involved in the filmmaking, as well as the date the series was aired. The features don’t stop there. Users will see their Google photos, as well as calendar events using Android TV.

Last year, Google Assistant was only available to Android TV devices equipped with the Shield Experience 6.0 update. The difference between standard gadgets and ones with the Shield Experience 6.0 update is that the Assistant will be in always-listening mode. This indicates that the customer does not have to push the microphone button to order a task.

On the same day of the rollout, Google has declared that soon enough the Google Assistant feature will also be available for all Android TV devices. Now, Google has lived through that promise.

Google has not given us an exact date yet regarding its release, but they have made it clear that it is bound to happen not later than by the end of the year 2018.

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