FCC Denies CCA Request To Stops Verizon’s Acquisition Of 5G Upgrade

FCC Denies CCA Request To Stops Verizon's Acquisition Of 5G Upgrade

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has denied the Competitive Carriers Association’s (CCA) request to put a halt on Verizon’s acquisition of a 5G spectrum from Straight Path Communications worth $3.1 billion. The commission does not want to grant any request of freezing until a proper review is finalized.

The CCA passed a petition to the commission to put a review first on Verizon’s deal with Straight Path Communications, a spectrum servicing company, before it allows purchasing of a 5G spectrum upgrade of 28 GHz to 39 GHz. The commission then shut down the said request and told the CCA to stay away from the deal.

With the newly submitted and implemented rules for small cell deployments, the commission aims to provide a ruling to modify and clarify any procedures when it comes to any wireless technology upgrades and acquirements like that of Verizon’s.

The commission expressed that the CCA has failed to display any binding reasons why the purchase should not push through and how it will cause harm, and hence the likelihood of the review to not get an approval.

The CCA’s primary concern is the said spectrum deal with Verizon with the commission’s approval may send a message to other carriers that there was some sort of special treatment made in the moving of the upgrade and purchase of the spectrum.

Thus, the organization has requested for some fair play on such purchases and encourage all carriers and companies, including Verizon, to welcome the opportunity to bid on the spectrum they wish to obtain.

As per the CCA, the FCC should seize the chance for carriers to bid on wave spectrums equally with other providers in the auction. This way, it will be fair for all technology and wireless suppliers to have a reasonable subscription to the 5G spectrum that they use to provide to their customers.

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