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AMC Acquires Streaming Rights to Globoâ€s 2 Most Notable Series

AMC Acquires Streaming Rights to Globo’s 2 Most Notable Series

AMC Networks has secured streaming rights to two of Globo’s notable shows. Globo is a Brazilian broadcast network doing its best to push forward some of their newer series. AMC picking up the streaming rights for two notable Globo series means youâ€ll get to enjoy them even if you live outside of Brazil. We are happy to announce that “Supermax” and “Jailers” are set to stream in other territories.

“Jailers” and “Supermax” both take place in prisons. But “Jailers” is more of a drama, while “Supermax” will be a treat to fans of the supernatural. In “Jailers,” we follow a prison guard named Adriano who faces moral qualms, thanks to life in prison and at home. In the Brazilian version of “Supermax,” 12 game show participants stay in a maximum security prison in the Amazon rainforest to win the grand prize.

There was also a Spanish-language version of “Supermax” which premiered at Natpe in January 2016. This was also the first Spanish drama Globo had outside of its studios from Rio de Janeiro. It was one of Globoâ€s biggest international co-productions to date with other networks and with the strategic partnership with Teledoce from Uruguay. According to Raphael Corrêa Netto, Globoâ€s executive director of international business, the deal was showing everyone something. This deal showed that their new series have the potential to win over viewers so long as they keep up the quality.

Sundance Now will stream “Jailers,” while “Supermax” will be streamed on Shudder. Sundance Now offers many series from any genre and often showcases foreign-language features, while Shudder is the worldâ€s largest streaming platform dedicated to featuring thriller and horror content.

Both series will be available to stream in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. And both shows will be on platforms where we can see them shine. AMCâ€s acquisition of the streaming rights to the shows means we will get to see what Globo has to offer.

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