“Revolutionize TV Cricket,” Promised by Foxtel CEO to Fans

Revolutionize TV Cricket, Promised by Foxtel CEO to Fans

Patrick Delany, Foxtel’s CEO, promised all cricket fans a better experience when it comes to the game’s coverage, saying that he will work to “revolutionize TV cricket.”

For the first time, Foxtel along with Channel 7 now has cricket under them from Channel 9 after their 1.2 billion-dollar deal went through. This recent acquisition marks a huge change for the Australian sporting media since cricket has been under Channel 9 for more than 40 years.

According to James Sutherland, the Cricket Australia chief, during his interview last Friday, the landmark partnership between Foxtel and Channel 7 will benefit a lot of cricket fans. It will be able to give them more and better options for accessing cricket coverage.

Tim Worner of Channel 7 also released a phone message stating that he has been seeing and working with people who would like to be the next face and ambassador for Australian cricket. He even particularly called the partnership as a foundation, transformation, and certainty that is going on at Channel 7.

This new deal will add “Fox Cricket,” a new dedicated channel for the game’s coverage similar to what “Fox Footy” and “Fox League” are all about. It will house the Super Saturday every end of the week, and new shows will also be coming soon.

With the deal, cricket fans can expect Foxtel to provide all matches from the start of the 2018–2019 season. Women’s international and all home Test will also be aired on Fox Sports and on Seven Network as free-to-air.

On the other hand, Channel 9 has released a statement saying that they will now be concentrating on covering tennis matches and games after they have secured the rights for 5 years of the Australian Open, from 2020 to 2024.

Foxtel and 7’s partnership was done primarily because of the anti-siphoning law which requires major and international cricket games to be aired on free-to-air TV. Whatever the case, these two major companies can surely revolutionize TV cricket.

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