Comcast Adjusts Its Bundles as Media Landscape Changes

Comcast Adjusts Its Bundles as Media Landscape Changes

Toward the end of the month, Comcast will start launching TV bundles that already include a Netflix subscription. This latest move by the telecommunications company highlights the prevailing trend in the industry, wherein traditional cable and broadcasting companies are finding ways to adapt to a media landscape dominated by TV streaming services.

Comcast, the largest cable company in the world, has decided to adjust its TV bundle offerings to survive in an industry gradually being taken over by video-on-demand (VOD) services. Once direct rivals, Comcast and Netflix expanded their distribution pact earlier this month. Netflix subscriptions will soon be included in existing and new Xfinity TV packages. Comcast will additionally have the option to bundle its standalone Xfinity broadband services with Netflix.

Other cable operators have recently done similar efforts in order to thrive in the current media landscape. Comcast and these other cable companies are said to be trying to find means to combine both the internet services and the content producers. Industry rivals are now partnering up to offer consumers services that can satisfy a wide range of preferences when it comes to watching shows.

Based on a report by The Journal Gazette, Comcast did well during the first quarter. $1.6 billion of the total earnings were from the ad revenue of NBCâ€s broadcast during the Super Bowl and the Olympics. The companyâ€s net income went up by 21 percent, compared to last yearâ€s. Comcast managed to reach $3.12 billion in net income.

Comcast has also tried experimenting with other bundle offerings in the past. The company has offered “skinny bundles” and à la carte subscriptions. Subscribers were asked to pay as low as $18 per month for a number of local broadcast networks. Comcast was also able to buy Dreamworks Animation in 2016, in addition to NBCUniversal cable channels in 2013. With the recent deal with Netflix adapting to the new media landscape, Comcast aims to provide its customers with new choices, not to mention added value and flexibility.

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