Alignment Blockchain Group Launches Blockchain-Based TV Channel

Alignment Blockchain Group Launches Blockchain-Based TV Channel

A new development for the Alignment Blockchain Group’s media arm, Alignment Media, is its announcement of launching its own global TV channel and digital program.  The media initiative is expected to reach full circle in the culmination of 2018. The news channel will concentrate on delivering fresh details about blockchain technology, the latest in finance and technology, as well as developments in innovation.

The founders of the specialized news channel are Alignment Media CEO Mony Brosh, chief editor Elihay Vidal, programming director Moshe Segal, and director of digital production Noa Tamir. The target audience will be technology aficionados and investors who will benefit much from the most recent information in the fintech sector, blockchain technology, the latest trends in research and development, as well as venture capital. Recruitment of international news personnel as well as the establishment of a broadcasting studio is currently in progress.

In a celebratory mood, the CEO of Alignment Group, Avishay Ziv, expressed his excitement with this current development for his company.  He affirmed that the TV channel is a
milestone in the Alignment Group’s expansion efforts.  In addition, he mentioned that he is excited about the integration between blockchain, the cryptocurrency underlying technology, and the media platform.

In line with the Alignment Group’s CEO’s positive perspectives, the head of the Alignment Media, Moni Brosh, equally shared the same upbeat sentiments.  He believes that the groundbreaking TV channel will satiate cryptocurrency enthusiasts’ growing hunger for digital broadcasting coverage regarding blockchain news.

The Alignment Blockchain Group was established in 2017 in Israel. Professionals managing the firm hold significant expertise in tokens, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and blockchain technology. They intend to serve as guides for digital currency startups and established groups from inception, through ICOs, toward maturation. They are committed to serve as catalysts and partners for technological innovation as well as space exploration.

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