Blockchain Technology is Foreseen to Replace Cable TV

Blockchain Technology is Foreseen to Replace Cable TV

Cordcutters, or cable television or landline subscribers opting to cancel their subscriptions in favor of online streaming services, are on the rise. A substantial decrease in TV viewership is becoming a trend, making traditional TV a thing of the past. Instead of turning the TV on, more and more people are watching their programs online with their tech devices.

Researchers from multinational auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, recently found out that people only remain cable subscribers these days due to live sports programs. In addition, today’s media consumers demand more interaction and connection, not just having their eyes fixated on the screen.

In line with these developments, cable service providers are apparently facing uncertainties. Cable TV services are usually expensive and what is further rubbing salt to their providers’ wounds is the rise of blockchain technology. This technology is opening the doorway towards a more affordable means to enjoy watching programs. is among the platforms for blockchain-based streaming that is foreseen to undermine cable TV. Offering a well-known interactive app which is now being used by over 30 million sports enthusiasts, is engaging with secure blockchain technology. It aspires to provide recorded events and all-inclusive live streamed presentations.

Users swap TOK tokens for streamed shows and highlight reels. In addition, while enjoying a sports match, app users can talk and share their pleasure with their friends. is gaining more support through its tie-ups with sports behemoths such as the LA Clippers and Real Madrid.

Besides, SuccessLife answers the millennials’ call by offering blockchain-based personal development education. Digital savvy millennials are the driving force towards online streaming growth. With their fascination for self-improvement, this interest has become a booming business.

Success Resources is a successful conglomerate offering educational and personal enhancement services. Aided by popular events with prominent self-help speakers like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins, it has launched its own cryptocurrency initiative, SuccessLife, which is used to access personal development courses and services.

Media consumers’ changing tastes and viewpoints are certainly influential. With more support for blockchain technology, cable TV’s days are apparently numbered.

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