Mobile Identified as Main Growth Channel for Paid OTT Partnerships

Mobile Identified as Main Growth Channel for Paid OTT Partnerships

From the latest Ovum study, mobile has been identified as the primary growth channel for paid OTT or “over-the-top” video partnerships. It is followed by television and fixed broadband, respectively.

The “Global OTT Video Bundling Deals and other Service Partnerships: 2H17” report done by Ovum was newly updated. It revealed Asia as the most active region that enables development of alliances between traditional operators and other third-party service providers for paid online videos.

The study reported around 39 percent of live partnerships in the region. Such partnerships tracked are of mobile operators as the main provider of the primary distribution channel for online video services.

The majority of the accounted partnerships in the study are marketing agreements that are based on set-top box integration or carrier billing. Based on the data accumulated by the study, the bundling of OTT services into the tariffs of operators is non-existent from more than 50 percent of the deals tracked.

According to the principal analyst from the Ovum TV team, Jonathan Doran, marketing alliances make an excellent starting point for service players to collaborate or work together. However, he also stated that these kinds of partnerships should also continue to evolve to generate customer loyalty and revenue for both parties involved.

Doran further stated that mobile operators have a huge probability of becoming the main sales channel for OTT video services. He said that it is true especially with the help of carrier billing which manages both the service’s sales and other processes.

If there is a continuity in forging new video partnerships further, according to Doran, mobile network operators can be as creative as they want in terms of developing strategies for data tariffs. He said that such opportunity can make mobile the primary growth channel for paid OTT by monetizing their customer bases as well as their networks.

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