Small Towers Play Huge Role for 5G Network"/>


Colorado Springs†Small Towers Play Huge Role for 5G Network

Colorado Springs’ Small Towers Play Huge Role for 5G Network

The small towers in Colorado Springs, while they are not noticeable, play a major role in adding volume to the wireless network.

Crown Castle International Corp. has cell towers lined up in southwest Colorado Springs that they lease to major wireless carriers. But they arenâ€t obvious to people who donâ€t know that they exist. These 20-foot cells are connected to utility poles, street lights, and other structures lining up the streets. There is also a cell tower in Broadmoor Valley Road.

Aside from the opportunity these towers provide to wireless carriers, it plays an even massive role in the 5G network that is hoped to be making its debut around some parts in Colorado Springs early next year including in other neighboring cities.

This so-called 5G network brings about the promise of lightning-fast download speeds including the massive capacity that can handle the rapid increase of the number of devices connected to the internet.

Crown Castle, a Houston-based business, has already a total of 32 cell towers around The Broadmoor hotel and in nearby areas. According to Crown Castleâ€s west region manager of government relations, Scott Harry, they are also planning to build at least 37 more towers in adjacent areas later this year or in early months of next year once agreements for the project are signed. It will also be the future addition to the small panel antenna pairs the company has added to their 13 small towers recently. It was made to serve yet another major carrier that wishes to upgrade its network, but Harry refused to name the particular carrier.

Harry further stated that these cell towers provide a distinct purpose and would be helpful nationwide. He said that although these small towers serve a less number of consumers compared to the large towers, it provides three to five times bigger bandwidths which come into play for playing games, watching movies, TV, and even live video faster than cable or DSL connections.

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