Samsung’s MicroLED TVs to Scintillate Q3 This Year

Samsung's MicroLED TVs to Scintillate Q3 This Year

After introducing its latest MicroLED TV technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, Samsung is prepared to present the initial commercial sets in the third quarter of 2018. The news comes after the shrink in TV sales during the first quarter, year-on-year revenue-wise.

London-based think-tank IHS Markit demonstrated Samsung as the best-selling TV brand in the large-screen portion with display dimensions above 65 inches or greater in the first quarter of the year.

Samsung officials and market analysts remark that the release of the state-of-the-art TVs employing next-generation display technology will aid Samsung’s continuous ascendancy over its competitors in the premium TV market.

An unnamed senior Samsung executive affirmed that Samsung Electronics will launch TV sets later this year. This is going according to the company’s agenda of commercially debuting this high-end equipment in the third quarter.

The business strategy executive revealed that the screen sizes would be assorted due to the cost-effective and voguish modular model of its MicroLED TVs.

In addition, its size and price are still hazy at this point. One kind of these TVs is reported to have an 88-inch display with Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Samsung Display supplying segments.

The executive added that there had been a growing request for Samsung to navigate through and explore new possibilities. With this call, the company is set to double its efforts to make MicroLED TVs a success with optimized features for the convenience of both non-consumer and corporate customers.

The market for the premium TVs are the Middle East and the United States and reckoned as a possible substitute for computer projectors. Costing is anticipated to be over 200 million won or about $250,000.

Samsung needs to contend with the low production of MicroLED with one subpixel. This is a key advantage of LG, a Samsung rival. LG could reportedly create a single OLED TV loaded with millions of subpixels straightaway, enabling the screen to possess superb picture grade.

Modular in nature and having screens composed of small conjoined panels, MicroLED displays are made up of conjoined smaller panels. Unlike conventional liquid crystal display (LCD) and even OLED screens, these modern TVs do not need massive backlights and to depend on color filters.

They employ elements that can discharge base and core colors like blue, red, and green light. MicroLED TVs are reported to have the upper hand in contrast ratio, brightness, and large viewing angles than other premium TVs.

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