Spartan TV Network Set to Move to Comcast Cable TV’s Channel 14

Spartan TV Network Set to Move to Comcast Cable TV's Channel 14

Comcast cable TV’s channel 14 is slated to be the next home of Spartan TV. Today, the Sycamore City Council is expected to receive an update regarding this progress.

Sycamore’s city executive Brian Gregory remarked that there would be no extra factors needed to authorize the Sycamore High School news network to televise broadcasts on the educational, public, and governmental access channel.

Gregory affirmed that the access of the network managed by Sycamore High School students to Comcast’s channel 14 was already approved in 2017.  The event on Monday is a mere update on the deal made more than a year ago between the Sycamore School District 427 and the city.

The city manager added that it had been a long process to obtain the connection created by the Comcast cable TV network and to procure the equipment from there. It has been reported that Spartan TV was able to acquire some donation to finance the channel connection, the software, and for the channel to contain a community notice board.

Gregory praised Spartan TV management as an asset in the Sycamore community, facilitating the public’s right to information and as it telecasts community and educational affairs.

Adviser for Spartan TV, David Olson, who is also the communications executive for District 427, described today’s meeting essentially as an inaugural statement facing the City Council. Ahead of the scheduled Spartan TV cable premiere on June 15, Olson reported that there was a soft broadcast on Channel 14.

This was done after adding student-produced programming like online football matches.  The soft broadcast involved community event information and this year’s awards night and high school graduation rites. Olson praised these developments as “a great avenue to provide real-world experience for our students.”

According to its official Twitter page, Spartan TV is the producer of live-streaming happenings at Sycamore High School, a public educational institution in Sycamore, Illinois.

Aspiring to “Empower all Students to Succeed in their World,” Sycamore High School employs Spartan TV  as the platform to accomplish its motto. The high school’s ideal is expected to be further upheld as the student-led network will soon be a part of cable TV behemoth, Comcast.

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