AT&T Launches DirecTV Now’s Cloud DVR for Roku Devices

ATT Launches DirecTV Now’s Cloud DVR for Roku Devices

True to its promise, AT&T just released DirecTV Now’s cloud DVR for Roku devices. Users can now also access it on their smart TVs or media hubs.

DirecTV Now first became available to Roku devices in May 2017. It received early complaints which, according to AT&T executives, happened due to the unexpected number of initial subscribers. However, the DirecTV Now Roku app has an advantage over others for it utilizes the big-screen interface used by other devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Other services with the same offer use a stripped-down interface.

It was also when AT&T promised to bring DirecTV Now’s cloud DVR for Roku, and they just delivered on that promise with this new update.

The improved app includes access to many local shows and beta access to the featured cloud DVR. This means that Roku users can now take DVR recordings of live sports, news, and other shows and watch these recordings on various Roku devices any time of the day.

On the other hand, AT&T announced that users might experience longer load times for the app, especially on some current-generation TCL TVs and Roku Express streaming sticks. With this, the company is working on improving the app and is thinking of giving affected users a “special offer” soon.  Furthermore, future updates will come to fix the load time issue.

A 1-month subscription to DirecTV Now includes 20 hours of recording privilege for 30 days. To extend that to 100 hours over 90 days, users only need to pay an additional 10 dollars per month.

This new update puts DirecTV Now ahead of other services competing to be the top cloud DVR provider for Roku TV users and Roku players. Users are excited about the updates and special offers that AT&T will provide to improve their service.

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