Public Television: Some KOZK Audience Still Waiting for TV Signal

Public Television Some KOZK Audience Still Waiting for TV Signal

Following the collapse of the Fordland station tower in April, about 70 percent of KOZK Public Television audience now have TV signal. Only around 30 percent receive TV signals from their home antennae.

The Missouri State University (MSU) operates the KOZK Ozarks TV. The MSU provided a transmitter after the collapse of the tower. However, the transmitter only covers a relatively small part of the entire city.

Some KOZK TV users called up the MSU to get information on the resumption of the service signal.

The MSU spokesperson declared that there is no definite solution at the moment.  It could take a few months or so, before the station becomes fully operational.

One of the short-term goals is to offer a coverage using an over-the-air platform for the thickest populated area in Springfield.

The probable solution for the signal issue is to lease a space on a different broadcaster’s tower.

In April 19, KOZK’s 1,980-foot tower located in Fordland caved in due to an unidentified reason. Apparently, the transmitter tower was already 50 years old. It was previously donated by KY3 around 18 years ago.

The tower fell down while the crew was working to strengthen the whole structure. The construction was meant to make the tower sturdy for additional equipment, as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC directed the re-packing of TV channels, which means that broadcast TV companies need to create a place for wireless streaming access through channel relocation.

At this point, the MSU still has not decided if it will construct a new tower or obtain a long-term lease on another broadcasting tower.

Meanwhile, the KOZK Public Television audience may still enjoy their favorite programs through the internet by visiting They may also use the PBS app on streaming devices like tablets and mobile phones.

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