MidAtlantic Broadband to Acquire Kahoka’s Internet and Cable TV

The city council of Kahoka has decided to sell the city-owned internet and cable TV ventures. The Board of Aldermen tackled this proposal on their regular board conference on Monday.

With the mandate given to him by the board, Kahoka City’s mayor, Jerry Webber, indicated that he had been working on selling the internet and cable TV system of the city.  He mentioned that he had coordinated with several possible buyers.

The MidAtlantic Broadband, of Maryland, expressed its intent to purchase the firm. The company’s head paid a visit to Kahoka recently and submitted the proposition. The MidAtlantic Broadband, Inc. caters to customers based in Potosi and Canton, Missouri.

Under the deal, MidAtlantic Broadband will start to take control of the cable TV and internet systems as soon as possible. Mayor Webber is expecting the buyer company’s staff to be on-site immediately to start working on the problems in the area which, according to him, serves 750 customers.

Moreover, the proposal included customers enjoying enhanced cable quality and faster internet as MidAtlantic Broadband agreed to put new fiber-optic lines in place citywide. The buyer company expects to fully install all the fiber-optic cables by October. A devoted service crew will serve both Canton and Kahoka.

Mayor Webber is looking forward that the MidAtlantic Broadband would soon offer packages and channels that are the same as what the city is currently offering.

According to its official website, MidAtlantic Broadband’s vision is to “enable the infrastructure to deliver next generation technologies, and offer an attractive suite of services (high-speed Internet, cable television and VoIP telephone) to enrich the end-user experience.”

The firm, which would soon manage the Kahoka City’s internet and cable TV services, concentrates on emerging technologies. It guarantees that customers are properly educated about the latest technology as well as future-proofing investments in infrastructures.

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