Netflix Now Aims for Asia and Looks Toward Telcos for Expansion

Netflix Now Aims for Asia and Looks Toward Telcos for Expansion

Netflix’s rise is unprecedented, taking the world by storm – streaming services have now become the new TV of the modern day. With the expansion toward Asia in mind, they look toward telcos to establish in Asia, and have their presence be known worldwide.

In addition to this, telcos have already been eyeing the content providers for quite some time now as they would wish to better monetize the data driven infrastructure they bolster.

With both Telcos and Netflix benefitting from one another, it is expected that their expansion to Asia would prove quite successful. They also serve to become the prime example of convergence between media and telecommunications industry.

Tony Zameczkowski, the vice president of business development at Netflix, also mentioned how valuable partnerships are for their company.

“Partnerships are in our DNA,” Tony said. “We have over 60 partnerships across the world with a series of telcos and pay TV providers. We have our own infrastructure too but it is critical for us to interconnect with operators.”

Zameczkowski then added how important long-term partnerships with Telcos are, as they can surely benefit from their extensive knowledge of customer base. In return, Netflix would increase data consumption for their networks to a new all-time high as they bring in the demographic that enjoys their streaming services.

As South East Asia’s economy continues to grow as it is expected to be the fourth largest economy in the world, having markets well placed here is crucial. To add to this, there are nearly 330 million internet users with the 70 million only joining within the past few years – proof that the internet use grows day-by-day.

After their success in launching at Singapore, it is no wonder that they expect the same results in the region.

“Obviously that is a huge market for us,” he said. “But there are also more developing markets such as The Philippines and Thailand that are extremely important too.”

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