Fierce Showdown Between Samsung and Sharp in the 8K TV Segment

Fierce Showdown Between Samsung and Sharp in the 8K TV Segment

Samsung’s launch of its 65-inch 8K TV model in the third quarter is expected to heighten the dog-eat-dog scenario as it competes with Sharp, the industry’s dark horse.

Samsung has announced at the 2018 QLED and Advanced Display Summit in Hollywood that it would be selling two new ranges of 8K-resolution TVs in the following months.

The consumer electronics behemoth will begin advertising the first set of its 8K QLED TV models by the end of August.  This high-end TV model comes with AI-powered upscaling technology, stepping up the quality of low-resolution video to a higher level.

The debut 8K QLED TVs will be available in 65, 75, and 82-inch dimensions, which would be 120Hz models. Next year, 2019, Samsung will soon release its 98-inch model.

Samsung’s move coincides with the TV’s official unveiling at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. This event is the world’s major trade exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics that would take place from August 31 to September 5, 2018.

The second series of Samsung 8K QLED TVs’ exact launching date in 2019 is still undetermined. The only preliminary details released so far are that this range will have two screen dimensions: 65 inches and 75 inches.  Furthermore, the company is expected to drop down to the basic 60Hz refresh rates.

On the other hand, Sharp has been a fierce competitor of the South Korean consumer electronics giant. It has gradually dominated the 8K LCD TV market. Recently, the firm announced that it has surpassed its global 8K TV sales target. This momentum is foreseen to carry on throughout the second half of the year.

One of the reasons for Sharp’s sales accomplishment is the solid marketing support from Foxconn Electronics, its parent organization. Their cooperation increased the 8K TV sales in China.

Second, Sharp has a strong production capacity for large display panels in Japan. Third, Japan’s delivery of 8K video shows in December 2018 is anticipated to further sales growth.

Fourth, the coming of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is seen to increase the support for 8K TVs. Finally, the 10.5G line of Foxconn in Guangzhou will start the volume production of 8K TVs in 2019, decreasing the 8K TV production cost and increasing sales in China.

In digital TV and digital cinematography today, 8K resolution is the highest ultra-high-definition (UHD) TV resolution. The term “8K” pertains to the horizontal resolution of 7,680 pixels, forming the total image dimensions of 7680×4320. That is four 4K TVs placed in a 4×4 grid.

With the distance of the viewer from the TV screen and the TV’s screen size as the primary factors in determining picture quality, the 8K TV gives the clearest picture resolution. With superb image quality, viewers enjoy an impressive experience watching their favorite programs.

The developments between two fierce contenders in the smart TV sector paint the picture of the hypercompetitive industry. The 8K TV segment shows that innovation is relentless and the TV, as an equipment, is expected to ascend further to new heights.

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