STV2 Now Bids Goodbye as They Go on Air for One Last Time

STV2 Now Bids Goodbye as They Go on Air for One Last Time

The now accredited TV network, STV2, has just closed today after a year of serving the people of Scotland with the best news coverage, media, and entertainment. On June 30, Commercial TV Broadcaster STV decided to cut off their second channel, as the burden became far too great, facing six-figure annual losses.

The company also issued that their TV licenses have been bought off by a company from south of the border that ran local stations.

It was just last May when STV had announced job losses summing up to 59 people who would be out of work due to the decision for STV2’s closure and to restructure the news operations.

Simon Pitts, chief executive of STV, thanked the STV2 team for all their hard work and sacrifice.

“The staff has worked extremely hard on the STV2 channel, and the quality of the output is not in doubt,” Simon said. He further clarified that the decision of the management to stop STV2’s airing bears no reflection on the professionalism or the abilities of the staff.

Simon also mentioned how hard the competition has become with the TV industry. This forced them to make the difficult decision of closing, as they now set sight for more online conversion.

He further said that the management of STV2, taking into consideration the challenging economics of local television and anticipated increased competition from BBC Scotland, decided to take the difficult decision of closing their channel to focus their future content investment on STV and the STV player.

This decision though was not faced without criticism as it received backlash from The National Union of Journalists in Scotland. They took to action if any compulsory redundancies have befallen any of the hardworking team on STV2.

“The loss of 34 jobs in news and the closure of STV2 will lead to a massive reduction in the breadth and depth of news coverage viewers in Scotland currently enjoy,” the journalists said.

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