Foxtel’s Sports Streaming Service to Launch with Cricket Matches

Foxtel will soon begin its cricket coverage as part of the launch of their live streaming sports app but is wary of the backlash following Optusâ€s World Cup debacle.

Project Martian, its internal codename, has been headed by newly-appointed chief executive Patrick Delaney in an attempt to “win customers,” extending back to his time as boss of Fox Sports.

Executives are aware of the need to redesign their traditional wall-garden approach in order to maximize the value of on-hand content. They had been stuck on a 30 percent coverage of Australian households, and so discussed the potential of an OTT sport streaming service.

According to a spokesman, the company will launch new streaming products that are designed for audiences not currently attracted to Foxtel, drawing content strengths across different genres.

Project Martian is seen as one of the pillars in helping change viewer habits and handle the more price-sensitive part of the television market.

Sources said that the 65 percent News Corp-owned company had initially planned on having a service ready for the National Rugby League and Australian Football League finals in September.

Thereâ€s still room for improvement, however, before the subscription television broadcaster can finalize a product.

They have been cautioned not to push through with their sports streaming service if they believe that the product isnâ€t ready. Sources have used Optusâ€s World Cup fiasco, where users experienced playback issues during the matches in Russia before the telco gave up their exclusive rights, as a warning. A spokeswoman has declined to comment.

As part of a deal with Cricket Australia, the pay TV company has the exclusive rights to stream all matches played in Australia, plus some Twenty20 Big Bash League games. Test matches and Big Bash League matches will be simulcast with Seven West Media.

Foxtelâ€s cricket coverage begins on November 4.

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