Telemundo: Smartphones Popular Among Half of World Cup Audience

Telemundo Smartphones Popular Among Half of World Cup Audience

As Telemundo airs the ongoing World Cup games, the company discovered that half of the fans relish the live sporting event on their mobile phones.

Speaking on behalf of the American Spanish-language TV network, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises executive, Peter Blacker, confirmed that the live video streaming audience is bisected into two groups: the smartphone or mobile device group and the digital TV and desktop computers group.

Blacker cited that about 48 to 51 percent of its live digital audience views the games on their mobile phones. The statistics for the smartphone horde has remained constant, regardless of how much figures have increased from match to match.

On the other hand, the other fraction either watches the matches through desktop streaming or digital TV. The latter continues to be the most popular media for live video streaming, based on a recently concluded study by FreeWheel, a think-tank focusing on content consumers’ viewing habits and the future of TV.

Blacker said that the viewers under the mobile device group are “die-hard” fans of the World Cup because they are following the games most of the time. In addition, he pointed out that these figures reflect the amount of time Hispanic-Americans spend on their smartphones.

Telemundo dispatched its greater than 500-man team in Russia to cover the month-long sporting event. The company shared that its coverage of the World Cup has been a boon because it has garnered 10.7 million live streaming viewers during the finale of the international football tournament’s 48-match group stage.

The TV network also earned total live streams of 105.3 million.  As for the aggregate number of minutes watched, figures show that there are more than 1.6 million.

The matches amounted to two million live streams per game.  Telemundo’s digital broadcasting of the football matches averaged an extra 15 percent of viewers on its TV audience.

Among the notable climaxes of Telemundo’s World Cup broadcasting was the Wednesday game between Sweden and Mexico.  This match reached one million live streams and, on record, is the second event that any NBC Sports telecast has achieved that number after the Super Bowl this year.

Blacker noted that the World Cup is an auspicious occasion. Revenue-wise, it is certainly a financial opportunity for Telemundo as the company exceeded its profits estimates twice during the culmination of the group stage.

The World Cup is also an opportunity for the Miami, Florida-based company to show the consumption patterns of Hispanic-American viewers to the marketers, and to prove how digitally sagacious they are.

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