DStv Now to Include 4K Streaming Offering This Year

DStv Now to Include 4K Streaming Offering This Year

MultiChoice South Africa revealed its agenda of introducing 4K streaming in DStv Now, its live online streaming service, on Tuesday.

Speaking on behalf of MultiChoice South Africa, chief operating officer Mark Rayner said that they are in the process of developing DStv Now.  In line with this progress is the testing of 4K streaming.

The company’s spokesman, Richard Boorman, disclosed that the 4K streaming will possibly come in “the coming months,” though there is no specific date yet when it will be available to subscribers.

In May, MultiChoice South Africa CEO Calvo Mawela announced that his firm is intending to launch a streaming-only model of DStv.  He said that the service would likely be available by 2019.

Mawela added that various marketing and technical groups at DStv are currently working industriously to bring the streaming service to the market.

In a podcast interview, the MultiChoice executive described that DStv’s streaming-only version would depend on the Internet to deliver on-demand content and various channels. Mawela added that a satellite dish receiving signals would no longer be needed.

Rayner also revealed that besides the 4K streaming service, MultiChoice is also prioritizing its collaboration with telecommunications firms. Mobile data strategies can be achieved to facilitate available online streaming for viewers.

MultiChoice revealed that a majority of DStv Now viewers use the service for the live-streaming of sports.  The number of DStv Now application users has increased fivefold as compared to last year.

Viewership surged during major rugby and football matches. The usage of DStv Now reached its highest peak on June 26 during the World Cup game between Argentina and Nigeria.

MultiChoice credited the World Cup for an increase in average DStv Now weekday usage, growing to 60 percent.  The largest viewership for the DStv Now application happened on June 16 when the World Cup and the Springbok Rugby matches were aired simultaneously.

This resulted in concurrent in-application views spiking sevenfold higher than the peaks in the same period last year. The international football event has also been the primary reason for new users to download the DStv Now application and see for themselves.

4K or Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) is a display of at least eight million active pixels. These are incredibly small pixels displayed by modern high-resolution screens on mobile devices like smartphones.

4K streaming translates to over 23 times the resolution of standard definition TV, so it is much sharper, clearer, and more detailed.

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