M7 Smart TV App Bags Webit New Media Accolade

The M7 smart TV application was honored at the recently concluded Webit Digital Entertainment and Media Summit in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

Developed by the M7 Group, one of Europe’s largest operators of Internet protocol-based and satellite TV platforms, the application was hailed as the Webit New Media awardee.

Webit Foundation’s CEO Plamen Russev described the prize. He remarked that the New Media Award is conferred to those who contribute unquestionable ingenuity in making and delivering content.

The innovative smart TV application has validated the M7 Group’s success in introducing their new offering. The service is able to diminish the obstacle for content consumption in both interactive and linear TVs.

In addition, the Luxembourg-based pay-TV provider is able to respond to the increasing demand for cost-efficient and maintainable hardware instruments.

The M7 smart TV application combines the advantages of OTT, linear, and interactive TVs into one interface. It can also function without the conventional set-top box, unlike other applications.

As a bellwether of its increasingly accepted functionality, the M7 smart TV application has attracted collaboration with consumer electronics giant, Samsung.

With this development, the prize-winning application has already been effectively integrated into the following TV platforms:

  • Skylink, M7’s pay-TV platform for Czech Republic and Slovakia;
  • Diveo, M7’s new hybrid TV platform for Germany; and
  • HD Austria, the M7 TV platform for Austria.

Other platforms which have been reported to follow soon are:

  • TV Vlaanderen and Télésat of Belgium;
  • Canal Digitaal of The Netherlands; and
  • Other M7 platforms based in Europe.

A group of other dominant TV makers has indicated their interest to be in partnership with M7. They are looking forward to the integration of their state-of-the-art smart TVs with the application.

The Webit Digital Entertainment and Media Summit is a part of the Global Webit Congress, a yearly international event congregating digiratis, entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, and investors.

The conference is organized by the Webit Foundation which acknowledges and provides financial grants for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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